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Episode 1: Her Drive Podcast Introduction

Get to know a bit more about Her Drive's mission, the hostess and the inspirational women that will be featured each month from across the globe. 

Each episode will last approximately 30 minutes with a unique focus on how each guest became inspired, what their pedal to the metal moments have been and what road blocks they've dealt with along the way. 




Episode 2: Stephanie Flor - Around the World Beauty

Stephanie Flor is an industry leading makeup artist whose clientele includes music artists, Presidents and a long list of celebrities.  But her work doesn't stop here,  listen to this episode to learn more about how Stephanie's love of beauty and travel have led to her exploration of beauty around the globe and the founding of Around the World Beauty Journeys. These international beauty-focused, female-only tours venture to the most magnificent destinations in the world to learn & participate in the beauty rituals still practiced by women around the globe.





Episode 3: Maddie Watkins - 202 Strong

Maddie Watkins is a fitness expert and founder of 202Strong in Washington, DC. During this episode, we dive into the moment when Maddie decided to leave her pre-med schooling and become a personal trainer which would lead to the founding of one of the DMV's premier fitness gyms.

Maddie walks us through the value of fitness and the correlation between building physical strength leads to greater mental strength. 




Episode 4: Enakai Fairyfish - Professional Mermaid

Enakai Fairyfish is a professional mermaid and environmental activist who delivers an important message about the oceans in each of her performances.  

Portrayed by Adrienne Wilson, this Hawaii-based mermaid travels the world performing and speaking about the importance of making changes that positively impact the health of our oceans.  

To learn more about Enakai Fairyfish's life as a mermaid and her many other projects please give this episode a listen.  




Episode 5: Melissa Rohan - Waterfront Academy

Melissa Rohan is the founder of Waterfront Academy and a positive-minded leader who merged her passion for language, teaching, and background in regulatory affairs to create as dual-immersion (Spanish and English), faith-based Montessori school with an emphasis on charity and stewardship in the Catholic faith.

During this episode, we dive into how Melissa's upbringing, her beliefs and the perceived setback of losing a political race led to Melissa founding a school that would change the education system not only for her children but for those throughout the District of Columbia.  



Episode 6: Dini Rao - Dini Wino

Dini Rao is an award-winning wine expert who has been studying wine for over 20 years and has embodied a passion for the grape since passing through wine country at 17. 

Dini is nothing short of impressive, with a resume that includes an MBA from Harvard, Christie's Wine Expert, raising $50 million in funding for Lot18 and holding wine tastings of the rarest wines for British Royalty.

We uncork what wine truly means to Dini and how she is using her YouTube channel to educate and inspire people to select a wine they love and form communion with loved ones.




Episode 7: Amy Hager - Bee Happy Life


Amy Hager is a dynamic artisan, author, business owner, and homebuilder who has found a way to turn her passion for beekeeping and jewelry making into a money-making endeavor.  

This episode dives into Amy's journey from dietician and author to moving across the country with her husband to build their dream house in the Colorado mountains and sell her unique jewelry made from the beeswax harvested from her hives. 

Amy Hager is a dynamic artisan, author, business owner, and homebuilder who has found a way to turn her passion for beekeeping and jewelry making into a money-making endeavor.  

This episode dives into Amy's journey from dietician and author to moving across the country with her husband to build their dream house in the Colorado mountains and sell her unique jewelry made from the beeswax harvested from her hives. 




Ashley Zalkin Original Jel Shots

Episode 8: Ashley Zalkin - Original Jel Shots

Nicknamed the Jello Shot Fairy in college, Ashley Zalkin has turned her favorite party treats into a viable business that provides yummy vegan, gluten-free, 30 proof "jel" shots to party-goers! 

We go beyond the booze and dive into Ashley's partnership with family, a former Shark Tank Shark and discuss why it is important to do what you love. Listen as Amy recounts what it means to be a business owner and the importance of patience. 

If you want to try these yummy no refrigeration required "jello" shots, place an order through the link below.




Dustin Tester Maui Surfer Girls

Episode 9: Dustin Tester - Maui Surfer Girls

Maui Surfer Girls has been a training ground for women and young girls for 18 years. The ladies learn how to surf, find comfort and stability physically and mentally and transfer those lessons outside of the water into everyday life.

In this episode, we dive into founder Dustin Tester's personal story from a young woman surfing on her home island of Maui, working as an outward bound instructor, to founding a surf camp just after having a major physical accident on the mainland.

Dustin's passion has made quite a mark on the Maui coast with her several camps and aloha spirit. Give this episode a listen for inspiration and insight into the world of starting an adventure company and how Maui Surfer Girls continues to expand and inspire thousands both physically and mentally.




Episode 10: Valisha Bogart

Lioness Travel founder, Valisha Bogart takes us on a journey of discovery and connection with others through the lens of world travel!

During this episode, we discuss what it was like for this small-town midwest woman to discover the wonders and lessons only experienced through solo travel and how these moments led to the development of a travel app and online community that serves as a tool for community and connection for female travelers. 

Listen to how Valisha went from working in the finance industry to creating Lioness Travel and how she continues to maintain her "why" for creating this all-female travel network that serves to empower women through travel.



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Sarah Chaplin of My Best Fuel with Her Drive Podcast

Episode 11: Sarah Chaplin - My Best Fuel

Health Coach, Author of a health-focused children's book, and nationally awarded Teacher, Sarah Chaplin takes us on her road trip from a health scare to health ambassador.

During our conversation, Sarah shares the importance of living your best life that is filled with healthy habits, slowing down and being mindful of what's best for your soul, mind, and body.  

Listen to how Sarah transformed her life from a teacher who was stressed and unhealthy to a positive-minded, author and wellness coach!





Episode 12: Steffany Kisling - SkyAngels

Ever read the phrase, "get paid to travel"?  Meet Steffany Kisling, a former private flight attendant turned dream maker. Give this episode to learn more about how Stefany went from financially struggling to soaring the skies on private jets. 

Stefany founded SkyAngels in 2010 after building a loyal, sophisticated client base in the Yachting and Private Aviation markets. She quickly turned from serving to leading change in each industry. In Aviation, she has served and partnered with many of the industry leaders and most discerning clients.  Steffany finds true pleasure in being able to offer guys & gals an opportunity to realize their dreams of becoming a Corporate Flight Attendant (aka SkyAngel) in the exclusive world of private aviation. 





Episode 13 : Dr. Kate Tomas - Professional Psychic & Witch

 Explore the life and work of Dr. Kate Tomas - a professional Psychic and Witch who has a Doctoral Degree in Philosophical Theology. Kate takes us on a road trip from growing up in a household with scientific-minded parents who did not believe her psychic gifts to be real when they started to appear as a teenager, onto leaving the "normalcy" of a young woman studying to become a lawyer and diving into becoming a tarot card reader where her Spirit Guides share an illuminated path for her clients. 

We discuss why Kate continued to develop her psychic ability out of necessity how she now focuses on readings for Women and Non-Binary people to help break down societal oppression.




Episode 14: Becky Lee - Becky's Fund

Have you or someone close to you been impacted by domestic violence? Chances are your answer is yes and Beck Lee, the founder of Becky's Fund, explains how her organization teaches preventative measures in addition to providing support.

Learn why it is hard for many victims to feel empowered to leave their abusive conditions and how Becky's Fund provides the support needed to help men and women.

We dive into why Becky used her winnings from Survivor to create this D.C.-based organization, the importance of having a strong personal network for life outside or work, and how fitness has played a critical role in shaping her identity.


Dr. Sonjia Kenya - America's Sex Educator

Episode 15: Dr. Sonjia Kenya - America's Sex Educator

Are you able to orgasm? Do you know what good sex is? Did you know that sex, HIV and weight gain are all interrelated?   

Show Host, Cynthia Cramblett dives into the importance of exploring ourselves and communicating openly with our partners with America's Sex Educator Dr. Sonjia.  

Dr. Sonjia shares her own personal journey from a girl "from the hood" to graduating from Columbia to becoming an author of Sex in South Beach, educator at Medical Schools throughout the USA, creator of the sensual massage oil SENSE, and empowerer of happier healthier sex lives for all her listeners, patients and viewers.  



Regen Shanzer - My-Tee Girls

Episode 15: Regen Shanzer - My-Tee Girls

Regen Shanzer is an attorney by day and creator of a girls' empowerment apparel line by night! My-Tee Girls t-shirts and leggings feature trail-blazing women in the STEAM fields to show young girls they can be anything they desire.

In this episode, Regen walks us through the significance of discovering and working through her anxiety which led her to be open to receiving her passion. She now is full throttle on growing her inspirational brand. 

Give it a listen for insight on Regen's road-trip to development & success with My-Tee Girls




Episode 16: Lauren Bingham - Adventurer & Author

Laura Bingham is a world-renowned explorer, adventuress and soon-to-be author of children's adventure books. 

View this interview with Lauren to learn how she developed from a travel-resistant teenager to being credited as the first person to successfully descend the Essequibo River in Guyana. 

We also touch on Laura's many other adventure accomplishments in advance of what will be one of the more challenging  feats yet - she, her husband and young son will be dropped on an island for one month with minimal survival supplies. 



Episode 17: Emily Garland - Maid of Gingerbread

Emily Garland of Maid of Gingerbread is  the definition of hardworking. After being disabled from her corporate position, Emily worked several part-time jobs while discovering and developing her love of gingerbread baking. 

View this five minute interview to learn more about her edible art, it's not so lucrative placement in Harrods, what her future plans entail and what types of edible art she is currently baking up in her East London studio.




Episode 18: Victoria Knowles-Lacks - Founder of The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club

The story of transformation is a very much alive in the personal and professional journey of Victoria Knowles-Lacks. 

Victoria found her strength, independence, and confidence as she developed an award winning social shooting club in the UK. 

Watch this episode to witness the inspirational genesis of The Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club. 

Victoria has since authored a bestselling book titled "Make It Happen".




Episode 19: Lexy Have Mind - Tattoo Artist

Do you have a tattoo?  What was your intention behind it? Tattoo artist, Lexy Have Mind, fuses spiritual healing and reiki into her body art. 

Lexy shares her story from growing up with very pragmatic-academic Russian parents and disguising her love of tattooing from them while she developed her craft. 

Give this episode a listen to learn how tattooing is a craft not just a career for Lexy!



Joanna Huoini Her Drive Podcast

Episode 19: Joanna Huoni - Believer in Faith & Hope

Joanna Huoni is the definition of adventure and living life to the max. Since her diagnosis of colon cancer in March 2013, Joanna has had nineteen surgeries, countless rounds of chemo, radiation, and participated in six clinical trials later.

Give this episode a listen to see how Joanna's life purpose transformed to that of living life to the max and showing others that cancer is not a death sentence. This includes skinny dipping, sky diving, walking a catwalk in her first-ever formal gown with Say Yes to Hope and driving her supped-up mustang over 200 miles per hour.

Justa Lujwangana - Curious on Tanzania

Episode 20: Justa Lujwangana - Curious on Tanzania

Justa Lujwangana is a Tanzanian-Brooklynite who relocated to the USA as a teenager and began her first professional career in the healthcare industry. However, her love of her home country blossomed during a touristy-tour of her country with an uncle. 

It was at that moment that Justa decided she needed to find a way to share her culturally rich and beautiful with visitors from the USA. 

Give this episode a listen to hear how Justa made the miraculous transition of careers and now has the luxury of splitting her time between NYC and Tanzania.



Amanda Smith of Dallas Girl Gang

Episode 21: Amanda Smith - Dallas Girl Gang

Dallas Girl Gang was created out of necessity by founder Amanda Smith who relocated to the Dallas Fort Worth area. 

Amanda had a strong faith-based community before the move and thought that if she was feeling the need to connect with other women, so were many others in the area. In just a few short years she has grown her community into the thousands and Dallas Girl Gang is the premier place for women to communicate, connect and inspire each other. 

Give Amanda's heartfelt story a listen to learn the importance of community and 'just showing up'.




Episode 22: Addison Bell - Relationship & Tantric Coach

Celebrating Valentine's Day with Relationship & Tantric Coach, Addison Bell who went from Licensed counselor to healer after discovering the transformative power of Tantra.

Addison shares her own transformation that came from healing her sex, dives into the importance of living an orgasmic life and gives tips on how to create your own healing through tantra.



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